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In a world of myths, humans, and the blessed, Serena Carter has resigned herself to the fact that she is a regular human and even made plans to graduate her senior year with her human best friends.
Of course, life had a different idea.
She is swept away to Myth Blessed Academy where students learn to control their magical gifts given to them by a mythological creature. Becoming roommates with a water sprite blessed in a school run by a werewolf blessed is only the beginning.
Finding your place, dealing with mean girls, and getting through school should be normal but being myth blessed makes it a whole lot harder.

Anameta is used to going on missions as an ambassador or the leader of the elite women warriors of Skorval but this one will cause her to question everything. She is sent with her team to stop pirates from attacking Skorval ships.

In her fight against them, the pirates kidnap Anameta and take her to Under. The pirates tell her that the Lord she works for is using skor stones to manipulate people across the kingdoms, especially the royals. They want to know how the Lord is making manipulative skor and who his heir is.

She must choose whether to help the pirates or to stay loyal to the Lord of Skorval. Either way, she cannot let the pirates discover her secret.

What would they do if they found out she is the heir?

Ancient Elements

When new neighbors move in across the street, Skye Dunbar assumes it will be exciting.
Well, she wasn’t wrong.
When they tell her she is a Kiana, gifted with extra essence which allows her to do extraordinary things, she doesn’t argue. It’s not like reading minds or controlling the air are normal.
It is when they drag Skye into a secret organization led by a team of people with ancient powers that she begins to have a problem. They believe Skye is the missing part of their team.
However, someone is hunting the Kiana and Skye isn’t sure she wants to be in the middle of the battle that is sure to come.