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The Wonderful World of Myths

If you have ever read my books you will notice I love mythological creatures or myths in general. Rick Riordan’s books were some of my favorite growing up due to the mythology in them and my favorite eras in history were always the ones with polytheistic cultures.

I thought it would be fun to start a section in my blog (of which I haven’t written anything in over a year) about different mythological creatures, maybe some other myths here and there. I will add some from various cultures as well as ones with similar attributes. My favorite mythological creatures are probably phoenixes, dragons, and fairies.

This is mainly an introductory post about this new section of the blog and I will go in more depth in the future on the myths I choose but here are a few short examples of mythological creatures that I am incorporating in my upcoming novel Sapphire Sparks:

Incubus- (Mesopotamian origin) a male demon or supernatural figure that feeds of the sexual energy of others.

Wyvern- (Welsh origin) a winged dragon-like creature with two legs and a barbed/spiked tail.

Banshee- (Irish origin) a female spirit known for its screaming/wailing/keening. Thought to be an omen of death.

Imp- (Germanic origin) a small mischievous demon that can conjure fire.


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